Booking Protection

Hotel Barge France Mam Goz is officially registered as a Travel Agent and protected by the APST (Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme).

This means that, in the unlikely event of Barge Mam Goz experiencing financial difficulties during your cruise, the APST would step in and ensure you are taken care of. If anything were to happen before you start your cruise, your payments would be covered and reimbursed.

An overview is listed on the APST website in French but Google Translate can help you convert to your own language.

Professional Liability Insurance

Barge Mam Goz also has professional liability insurance provided by GAN ASSURANCES.










Atout France Registry

Because Mam Goz has such a high level of consumer protections, we are proudly accepted on the ‘Register of Travel and Holiday Operators‘.

This all means that while we hope that you have a perfect cruise with us, in the unfortunate event anything does go wrong, you will be taken care of.